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Why Choose Us and
Our Strengths?

The importance of relationships

People Before

In a world that is changing faster and faster all the time, we are guided by the values of a family business.

We believe in the importance of human relationships. Our customers are first of all people with whom we share emotions and ideas every day; only in this way can we guarantee you the attention you deserve.


We are experienced, qualified and above all, motivated!

We are a young company but we have important know-how behind us.

We give shape to your wishes every day

Flexible Manufacturing

We produce any part, for any market, in any situation. Every day we study increasingly effective solutions to give shape to the products you want.

Dynamic Constant

We are a future-oriented company. Therefore, changes in the market are exciting challenges that we are not afraid to face.

Customised offer

To each their own proposal

Catalogue Products

A wide selection of stock pieces to choose from is always available from stock.

Products on Drawing

We make custom pieces according to customer drawings.

Where we are
Via M. Fantelli, 6/A 43122 Parma – Italy
E-mail: vendite@rpsantini.com

We are at your disposal from
Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 12h00 and from 14h00 to 17h00.

+ 39 0521 272823

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